HMI - What is it, what is it for and how can I train in these systems?

HMI is an abbreviation of Human-Machine Interface. It is the way in which, the operators or manufacturing managers, interact with a system, production line or automated process.


The words that we can use to define an HMI system are: to operate and observe. These systems are used to :

  • • Show real time information.
  • • Translate complex process variables into useful and actionable information.
  • • Coordinate and control industrial and manufacturing processes through the interaction of humans.


HMIThe importance of the HMI systems in industry is why the future operators and managers need to be skilled in this technology. Among the SMC International Training product range, there are different training equipment that include this technology. HMI can be included as standard or as an optional, allowing the user to develop skills related to these systems.


Users will be able to find HMI technology in equipment that reaches the highest level of the automation pyramid and in equipment to develop skills in Industry 4.0 technologies: SIF-400 system or the highly automated HAS-200 system. In addition to this equipment, you will find HMI screens integrated in our energy saving trainer ENS-200, in handling system such as MAP-206 or in automated systems such as ITS-200.


In order to offer flexibility in our products and meet our customers’ needs, there are some project developed including HMI screens. Projects such as HMI included in the IPC-200 industrial process control equipment or in the FAS-200 or FMS-200 mechatronics training systems.


Do not hesitate to contact us in order to know more about how to be skilled in automation and Industry 4.0 technologies.