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Software / eLEARNING
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eLEARNING-200 - The perfect theory companion

Online courses to acquire theoretical knowledge in technologies in automation. >> (more)


autoSIM-200 - Automation Simulator

autoSIM-200 is software for training in automation technologies that allows the user to try his/ her programs on a virtual system before applying the circuit to build. >> (more)


SMCTwin-400 - Tool for the development and use of digital twins

SMCTwin-400 is an online emulation platform where, through annual subscription licences, you will be able to develop and control your digital twins and work with some of those created for SMC International Training's didactic equipment.. >> (more)

Programming tools

Programming tools

The programming tools comprise the appropriate programming software, the industrial system communication programming software and cables for the chosen PLC. >> (more)