MAP-200 - Handling systems

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 MAP-206 Handling device using electric actuators

MAP-206 is an ideal way of becoming familiar with the electric actuators. The operation carried out by the module consists of locating metal parts into one of its storage positions.


It has three electric axes, two of which are servo-controlled (X - Y), which allow the handling device to reach any part of the warehouse and the coin container. The other (Z) axis is comprised of an electric cylinder driven by a DC motor, which incorporates an electromagnet for handling the pieces.


MAP-206 includes a touchscreen HMI with a built-in PLC which gives access to controlling the system and the different operating modes.

MAP-206 Handling device using electric actuators




Electric actuator handling device with HMI



Modules Sensors (type & qty.) Input / Output

Positioning axis

Auto-switch, Reed type (x2)
Encoder (x2)

Digital 10/15

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Touch HMI with built-in PLC (x1)
HMI programming software (x1)
HMI visualisation software from PC(x1)
CC regulator (x1)
Servo-driver (x2)
Power supply source (x1)

24VDC electrical linear (x1)
Servo-motor electrical linear (x2)
Electromagnet (x1)


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