SIF-400 - The training system for Industry 4.0


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SIF-400 - The training system for Industry 4.0
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SIF-400 - The training system for Industry 4.0  


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The SIF-400 training system simulates a highly automated smart factory, including Industry 4.0 technologies, advanced manufacturing concepts and the reality of the connected enterprise.



Main features:


Connected and open system

Plug & Play



Real process


Management software

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Ideal for academics and research





SIF-400 allows the production of single unit containers and pack of containers. For the single unit containers, the customer triggers the order for X recipients assigning each of them a recipe. For the packs of containers, the customer triggers the order for X packs with the specific containers needed.


SIF-400 can dispatch single unit containers, packs of containers and pallets of packs. 





 Multiple product configurations are available:


Shape of the container: square section and circular section.

Type of content: solid, liquid, and customized.

Content configuration: colour, filling level, mixing ratio....

Number of containers in each pack.

Number of packs in the final pallet.







Each of the SIF-400 system stations carries out part of the process. 



• SIF-401 - Pallet and container feeding station


The function of this station is to feed containers and pallets to the system. >> (more)



• SIF-402 - Container filling station - solid


In this station the containers of solid raw material are filled. >> (more)



• SIF-403 - Container filling station - liquid


In this station the containers of liquid raw material are filled.  >> (more)



• SIF-404 - Container filling station - customized product


This station supplies the system with containers of customized material. >> (more)



• SIF-405 - Capping station


In this station the corresponding cap is fitted depending on the type of container that arrives >> (more)



• SIF-406 - Container warehouse station


This station acts as a warehouse for finished or semi-finished products. >> (more)



• SIF-407 - Container labelling and dispatching station


This station has a double function: printing QR labels and dispatching the correct finished unit product orders. >> (more)



• SIF-408 - Container packing station


The station serves as a link between the assembly and logistics stations. >> (more)



• SIF-409 - Pack warehouse station


This station acts as a warehouse for finised packs. >> (more)



• SIF-410 - Pack palletizing station


This station is in charge of palletizing packs prepared in previous stages of the process. >> (more)



• SIF-411 - Pack pallet labelling


This station dispenses NFC labels and prints bar codes on them in continuos movement. >> (more)



• SIF-412 - Pack pallet dispatching station


The function of this station is the dispatching of completed pack pallets for the delivery to the customer. >> (more)



• SIF-413 - Recycling station


The station allows the solid raw material used during the process to be stored and recycled. >> (more)



• SIF-414 - Autonomous Mobile Robot  


This device helps in the transportation of various materials in the SIF-400 system at the request of the user. >> (more)



All the stations has the following common features: Extruded aluminium base structure, capacitive HMI display, stainless steel front with on / off switch and emergency pushbutton, conveyor system with RFID / BCR / NFC*, electric actuators*, industrial controller with OPC UA server and distributed I/O and energy meter with wireless transmission (emitter).


*Depending on the station.



  SIFMES-400: Management software


Structured in different blocks, SIFMES-400 allows the control, supervision, management and monitoring of the entire system. It connects the different contributors in the supply chain with customers so their needs can be met. Suppliers, factory and customer merge into a CONNECTED chain. >> (more)



  Teaching material


The teaching material is structured in three packs: station pack, technology pack and software and system pack.  >> (more)





Find out more about the theory behind the technologies developed in SIF-400 with our eLEARNING-200 courses. >> (See related courses)





SIF-400 has a series of optional add-ons. >> (See optionals)



Cybersecurity kit


The cybersecurity kit includes the components and exercise guide to do basic practices about cybersecurity with the SIF-400 training system. >> (more)




*The content of this product is subject to change and may vary without previous notice.