FMS-200 - Flexible integrated assembling systems

Integral training in industrial automation. A fully modular and flexible equipment, made of industrial components. From a simple configuration with one station only (working fully autonomously) to a complex configuration with eight or ten stations, the possibilities are endless. >> (more)


FAS-200 - Flexible assembly system

FAS-200 is a flexible and compact assembly system which includes technologies from the automation industry. It is composed of up to 18 independent stations with integrated control. >> (more)


MAS-200 - Modular assembly system

Modular training system which emulates a real industry assembly process. Five completely autonomous stations that can be assembled to form a complete manufacturing cell. >> (more)


MAP-200 - Handling systems

The MAP-200 series consists of seven independent and different training systems. Each of these carries out a simple assembly process by reproducing more complex processes found in industry. >> (more)


AUTOMATE-200 - Welcome to the world of automation

The basic principles of automation easily and intuitively. Three different versions adapted to the user's different needs. >> (more)


LOG-200 - RFID logistics trainer

The trainer which includes RFID technology within the context of a logistics application. It also includes a Web server that can access the system over the Internet. >> (more)


ATM-200 - Automation Training Module

ATM-200 is a set of 3 separate stations, fully assembled, built entirely of industrial components. >> (more)