FAS-200 - Flexible assembly system

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 FAS-210 - Lid rejection / transfer station


The tenth station rejects the lids or inserts them in the work-piece if the lid provided by the previous station is of the required type.


The troubleshooting simulation system TROUB-200 is included, which generates up to 16 different breakdowns to be diagnosed by the user.

FAS-210 - Lid rejection / transfer station


SAI4210 FAS-210 with Siemens PLC
SAI4227 FAS-210 with Omron PLC
SAI4250 FAS-210 with Allen Bradley PLC
SAI4310 FAS-210 without PLC



Modules Sensors (type & quantity) Input / Output

Incorrect lid removal
Lid insertion

Auto switch, Reed type (x7)
Vacuum pressure switch(x1)

Digital 12/10

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Breakdown simulation system (x1)
Vacuum pad(x3) -Vacuum ejector(x1)

Pneumatic linear (x3)
Pneumatic rotolinear (x1)
Pneumatic gripper (x1)

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