Do you know the new available components for HYDROTRAINER-200?

new components HYDROTRAINER-200

SMC International Training extends the range of components available for the HYDROTRAINER-200 - Hydraulic / Electrohydraulic training equipment.


Among these new components you will find a benchtop frame and its accessories, benchtop PLC modules or new control modules. These new references are grouped into 2 of the categories defined for HYDROTRAINER-200.


In the category of "Assembly panel, hydraulic unit and extras" you will find the following new components:

• SAI9370 – Benchtop frame with dual position panel.

• SAI9371 – Measuring cup for benchtop frame SAI9370.

• SAI9372 – Hose accessory (x1) for benchtop frame SAI9370.


In the second category, "Control Modules, Sensors and Electrical Accessories", the following new components are included:

• SAI9043 – Indicator light assembly.

• SAI9033 – Electric meter with pre-selection.

• SAI9057 – Set of 2 timed relays.

• SAI2143-14 – MicroPLC.

• SAI9367 – Benchtop Siemens PLC module.

• SAI9121 – Benchtop Allen Bradley PLC module.


Find out all the skill development options in hydraulics / electrohydraulic offered by the HYDROTRAINER-200 training equipment.