M&I-400 Receives the Distinguished Worlddidac Award 2023

Worlddidac Award 2023 - M&I400

In a night filled with celebration and recognition of educational excellence, the didactic system M&I-400, focused on Mechatronics and Industry 4.0, won the coveted Worlddidac Award 2023. The official announcement took place during the Awards ceremony held yesterday, Tuesday, November 21, as part of the Worlddidac/Swissdidac Exhibition in Bern.


This prestigious biennial award, spotlighting innovation, quality, and practical application of educational materials, solidifies its status as the highest recognition in the global educational industry. The Worlddidac Foundation and the Worlddidac Association, responsible for giving this honor, boast an international jury comprising Swiss experts and professors. They assessed participating products based on criteria such as innovation, design, sustainability, and, most importantly, their suitability and usefulness across various categories.


M&I-400 stands as a learning system designed to support technology instructors seeking to enhance their students' education. This category-leading product not only promotes the development of key skills but also introduces students to cutting-edge mechatronics and Industry 4.0 technologies, meeting the current demands of the industry.


Delve into this award-winning didactic product and discover the reasons behind its extraordinary success at the forefront of technological education!