Clip MEC-200, the mechanical training system

MEC-200 - Mechanical training system

The MEC-200 system demonstrates mechanical capabilities through practical experiments in mechanical shaft alignment, pulley alignment, belt installation, sprocket alignment, chain installation, gear alignment practices, and speed ratios.


The didactic equipment includes a safety transparent cover in order to prevent accidental activation of the motor while students are working. Safety is maintained with a detection circuit that cuts power when the cover of the main equipment is opened.


Together with the system, a control box is provided. With the control box, the electrical connection is managed and the speed drive is regulated.


Visit the product page of the mechanical training system MEC-200 in order to download the leaflet and visualize the promotional video of this product. This new video of the MEC-200 mechanical training system identifies the learning options and configurations that are available for this system. It also showcases some of the optional add-ons for the chosen configuration.