MEC-200 - Mechanical training systemMEC-200 - Mechanical training system

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MEC-200 - Mechanical training system  


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The Mechanical Training system provides participants with hardware allowing for hands-on experiments in mechanical shaft alignment, pulley alignment, belt installation, sprocket alignment, chain installation, gear alignment practices and speed ratio’s.

System includes: Aluminum Frame, Shafts, Bearings, Pulleys, Belts, Sprockets, Chain, Torque Plate, Motor, Motor Tensioning Base, Chain and Belt Tensioning Idler.




  • • Mechanical Concepts


  • • Fasteners


  • • Measurement Devices


  • • Belt Drives


  • • Chain Drives


  • • Gear Drives


  • • Speed Ratios


  • • Shaft Alignment


  • • Torque Patterns


  • • Safety





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