The TV program “Teknopolis” talks about our SIF-400 system

Digitalization is changing our lives. Currently, customers ask for a higher level of customization, new purchase processes 24/7 via internet, be informed during all the process... To be adapted to this new reality, companies evolve to the smart factory, which tries to satisfy customer’s needs with new technologies. This new reality, this concept, is called 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.


“Teknopolis”, the Basque TV program dedicated to promote science and technology, makes a special program about Industry 4.0 and education. It talks about SIF-400 system, the didactic equipment designed by SMC International Training for the new challenge of digitalization and Industry 4.0.


The program gives special prominence to the SIF-400 system as a highly automated smart factory that it also integrates advanced manufacturing concepts and technologies of the Industry 4.0 in order to train students and workers. It is also specially mentioned the management software SIFMES-400, due to the fundamental function of this technology in the new industrial reality.


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