AUTOMATE-200 - Welcome to the world of automation

AUTOMATE-200 - Welcome to the world of automationAUTOMATE-200 - The didactic equipment that allows the easy and intuitive learning of the basic principles of automation

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AUTOMATE-200 - Welcome to the world of automation  


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AUTOMATE-200 is SMC International Training’s response to the increasing demand for the introduction of a technological culture in training centers.


Using a recycling plant for solid urban waste as a reference, a fully modular design system has been developed for a training environment. The integration of the technologies in automated processes brings familiarization to the user of this fascinating world.


With this system, the student uses an integrated and motivating context to become familiar with technologies such as pneumatics, sensors, electric motors, PLCs, etc., in an enjoyable and intuitive way. Using completely industrial components we develop skills in analysis, troubleshooting, designing, creating technical documentation, setting up/commissioning, understanding technical documentation, operation and programming.


AUTOMATE-200 includes up to ten functional blocks that can produce an infinite number of configurations, emulating different processes and making it possible to perform an endless number of activities with different levels of difficulty.


The raw material used in the process includes parts with different colours (light/ dark), materials (plastic/ metal) and shapes (with or without hole). During the last phase of the process, the parts are sorted and stored in containers.


AUTOMATE-200 is available in 3 different versions:


• AUTOMATE-200A: Instant connection wiring!


It has two control panels, manual and via a PLC, prepared for rapid connection to the functional modules. >> (more)


• AUTOMATE-200B: Take it wherever you want!


This version, in addition to including the functional modules of the 200A version, is mounted on a trolley base with a fold-away control panel for the PLC and all electrical connections. >> (more)


• AUTOMATE-200C: The most compact in the range!


Where space is at a premium, the compact version of AUTOMATE-200 includes all the essential AUTOMATE-200 features in a small footprint. >> (more) 


Common elements in all versions: Power supply, air treatment unit, anodised aluminium structure, control keypad, solenoid valve block, labels for cables, speed controllers, control PLC*, user manual and practice manual and Multimedia CD.


*Options: PLC Omron, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi or Siemens.



  With this system you could...


AUTOMATE-200 comes up with different practical activities targeting skills in the technologies featuring in the table. >> (See the table)




Find out more about the theory behind the technologies developed in AUTOMATE-200 with our eLEARNING-200 courses. >> (See related courses)





AUTOMATE-200 has a series of optional extras. >> (See options)