MAS-200 - Modular assembly system

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 MAS-205B - Robotized transfer


In this version, the study of robotics is introduced. It is a widespread technology in the many sectors of automated industry.


The robot carries out assembly and disassembly tasks of all the parts comprising the turning mechanism. The robot has two grippers to hold the parts. It includes a programming console. A wide range of robots is offered. Please check availability. 


The PLC in this station is a network master to the PLCs from the other stations. It contains the control panel, fitted with keypad, alarm, power supply, master PLC, pressure switch and the connections required for air and power. 

MAS-205B - Robotized transfer


SAI6046 MAS-205B Robotized transfer station with Omron PLC
SAI6006 MAS-205B Robotized transfer station with Allen Bradley PLC
SAI6016 MAS-205B Robotized transfer station with Siemens PLC
SAI6026 MAS-205B Robotized transfer station with Mitsubishi PLC
SAI6036 MAS-205B Robotized transfer station without PLC



Modules Sensors (type & quantity) Input / Output



Digital 8/8

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Robot controller unit (x1)
Programming console (x1)

Six axis robot (x1)
Pneumatic gripper (x2)

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