SMCTwin-400 - Tool for the development and use of digital twins

 SMCTWIN-400: Tool for the development and use of digital twins


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SMCTWIN-400 - Tool for the development and use of digital twins
Development and use of digital twins  Beneficio SMCTwin-400  
High fidelity Beneficio SMCTwin-400  
Immediate response Beneficio SMCTwin-400  
Product configurator - SMCTwin-400  
  Beneficio SMCTwin-400 Virtual creation and testing of the PLC and HMI program
  Beneficio SMCTwin-400 Accessible 24/7
  Beneficio SMCTwin-400 Several users working simultaneously

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SMCTwin-400 - Tool for the development and use of digital twins  


SMCTwin-400 : How to order
SMCTwin-400 : Models included
SMCTwin-400 : Technologies / skills table

SMCTwin-400 is an online emulation platform where, through annual subscription licences, you will be able to develop and control your digital twins and work with some of those created for SMC International Training's didactic equipment. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that has been developed in response to the demands of Industry 4.0.


SMCTwin-400 allows working with virtual replicas of real didactic equipment, allowing students to safely experience the system's behaviour. You will be able to monitor all of the system's electrical and pneumatic values, etc. to observe how it behaves in real time.


This means that as well as replicating the processes of the real system, students will be able to create PLC/HMI programs and connect them to the digital twin to experiment with the result. 


 * Tool language: English



  SMCTwin-400 includes...


A 1-year subscription with the possibility of: 


  • - Developing and testing your own digital twins.






SMCTwin-400 is characterised by certain benefits that make this tool the best choice for different training environments:


  - Accessible and available 24/7
       + Greater optimisation and time management.
       + From anywhere with internet access.


SMCTwin-400 : Accesible

  - Digitisation
       + Several users working simultaneously.

SMCTwin-400 : Laboratorio digital

  - High fidelity representation:
       + Immediate response from the activity in process to apply corrections.

SMCTwin-400 : Trabajo en tiempo real

  - Sustainability
       + Optimisation of resources: complementary to physical equipment.
SMCTwin-400 : Sostenible  



  Other features


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, SMCTwin-400 also offers other features that complement the tool:


- Complete library with all the components of each model: The user will be able to visualise the components of each system included and to access the information.


- A complement to the physical classes:


  • + The possibility of visualising the interior of the components to show how they work.
  • + The possibility of using emulations to make teaching more attractive and intuitive.


Be part of a community: The components or systems created can be stored privately or publicly. The latter allows the created components or systems to be shared with other people in other organisations. In this way, it is also possible to use components created by other users.





SMCTwin-400 can be configured according to the following criteria. >> (See how to configure the order reference) 



 With this system you could...


SMCTwin-400 is characterised by being ideal for acquiring skills in:


  • - Equipment analysis
  • - PLC programming
  • - HMI programming
  • - Design and interpretation of documentation


In addition, it also allows working on skills and technologies according to the following table. >> (See table)



  Minimum PC requirements


In order to be able to work effectively with the tool, the following minimum PC requirements are specified:


- Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent.

- Graphic card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 or equivalent.

- RAM: 16Gb.

PC requirements for SMCTWIN-400  

 * Minimum requirements for running individual station emulations.