SENSOTRAINER-200 - The sensor technology trainerSENSOTRAINER-200 - The sensor technology trainer

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 Sensors technology



SENSOTRAINER-200 - The sensor technology trainer



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The SENSOTRAINER-200 is the sensor technology trainer that allows the study of different sensors used in industry, such as inductive, capacitive, optical, fiber optics...


This system offers an easy connection and flexibility for changing position and orientation in order to explore how the signal is performing.






  • • Suitcase Training System 


  • • 18mm Inductive Proximity Sensor (IO Link Capable)


  • • 18mm Capacitive Proximity Sensor (IO Link Capable)


  • • 18mm Magnetic Proximity Sensor


  • • 18mm Diffuse Photo Sensor


  • • 18mm Retro-Reflective Photo Sensor


  • 18mm Through-Beam Photo Sensor (Barrier)


  • • Fiber Optic Amplifier 


  • • 8mm Diffuse Fiber Optic Sensor


  • • 8mm Through-Beam Fiber Optic Sensor (Barrier)


  • • 18mm Ultrasonic Sensor (Digital/Analog)


  • • 18mm Laser Distance Sensor





  • • Proximity sensors  


  • • Analog sensors


  • • Smart I/O Link sensors


  • • Influence of materials 


  • • Influence of distance 


  • • Influence of orientation







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