Customized version of AUTOMATE-200C

Automate 200C


Following our flexibility policy to adapt our equipment to our clients´ needs we present the latest special version of AUTOMATE-200C


This new version of AUTOMATE-200C consists of:


-AUTOMATE-200C hardware with connection cables for a PLC controller.


-PLC controller with 22 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 18 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs. This unit has dual functionality. When it is connected to AUTOMATE-200C it works as a dedicated AUTOMATE-200C controller. On the other hand it can work also as a traditional PLC controller. This allows its individual use or, it can work connected to other International Training products, for example PNEUTRAINER-400, HYDROTRAINER-200 or HYDROMODEL-200 via the 4mm connection cables.