Customized training equipment for the exams in Industrial Automation and Robotics of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK

Framed in the Dual Vocational Training program for the title of Industrial Automation and Robotics teached by EGIBIDE (Vitoria, Spain), and in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Spain and the AHK (Deutsche Handelskammer für Spanien), a series of didactic equipment have been developed making this title equivalent to the German framework system. This year, the first promotion of students made their titles equivalent thanks to this action. These are, for sure, good news that will lead to better opportunities for students and companies.


Customized training equipment Mercedes-Benz

Among these training equipment we want to introduce this system designed and developed by SMC International Training. It emulates a classification system with security devices. The equipment is designed entirely with industrial components, allowing the user to work with the following technologies:

  • - Pneumatics
  • - Sensors
  • - Electric motors
  • - Programmable Controllers