Robotized Modular Assembly Training System – We adapt to our customers’ needs

Sistema robotizado

In order to meet our customers’ needs and offer them an equipment for professional training in accordance with industrial reality, SMC International Training has developed a special modular assembly system for instruction on automated and robotized processes.


This system consists in 4 different robotized stations forming a flexible automation cell. Each station carries out one part of the process, mounting the different parts of an electronic circuit and its container box.


This process includes an entire series of feeding, handling, verification and loading operations carried out using components from different technologies (pneumatics, vacuum, sensors, etc.), but the most important technology and the main one in this system is the robotics, including collaborative robots.


Special attention has been given to ensuring that the components used are completely industrial, thereby allowing the student to acquire proper knowledge of the components which they will find in the industry.


With this type of didactic equipment adapted to cover specific requirements, SMC International Training reaffirms its flexibility to fulfill to customer needs .