PNEUTRAINER-400, the new product for skills development in pneumatics / electropneumatics, is already available.


Remarkable features

The PNEUTRAINER-400 includes the following features:

• Electrical boxes and components with 4 mm safety female connectors.

• Updated industrial components.

• Turn-style fixing system • Flexible storage system.

• Extended range of compatible PLC trainers.

• Pneumatic connections for 4 mm pipes.

• 6 standard kits for different educational levels and components to configure personalized kits defined by the user.

• Documentation with more than 30 practical activities available.


In the Products / PNEUTRAINER-400 area you will find all the information related to this product: standard kits, available components…


Remember that through the Product Configurator you can configure the PNEUTRAINER-400 to best suit your needs! You can also request a quote and download specifications and technical descriptions.