The handling training systems: MAP-201, MAP-202, MAP-203 & MAP-204

We want to introduce these 4 training systems for handling: MAP-201, MAP-202, MAP-203 & MAP-204.


Each of these carries out a simple assembly process by reproducing subsets of more complex processes found in industry. They can all incorporate the TROUB-200 trouble-shooting simulation system.


These four pieces of equipment are offered in three different versions to meet each client’s different requirements:

• Without PLC: It comes assembled, adjusted and wired up. The PLC is not included.

• With PLC: It is supplied fully assembled, programmed and tested. We have a wide variety of PLC brands. Please consult availability.

• Assembly kit: The equipment is supplied as a complete kit with of parts. In addition to the practical activities normally available, the student can carry out assembly and equipment adjustment as well as pneumatic and electrical wiring. The assembly instructions and drawings provided in the documentation guide the student through the building and wiring tasks. This version does not include a PLC.


Find out more about each of them on the MAP-200 - Handling systems product page .