Select & calculate the performance of our electric solutions

Electric actuator selector software

At SMC International Training, we want to offer you the tools that can be useful in different training environments.


This time we offer you the option to download the updated version of the electric actuator selector software. This selector will let you calculate the performance in different working conditions for different electric actuators. You will be able to confirm optimal operation at a given speed, work load weight, orientation and position, cycle time, and acceleration/deceleration rates.

Results are presented in a comprehensive yet easy-to-read report, where any non-compliant performance requests will also be highlighted.


Click in the following link to download this software:

- Electric actuator selector software (.zip)


How to proceed: Extract the downloaded file into the temporary folder of your choice and run "setup.exe". You may delete the temporary folder after the installation is completed.


System Requirements:

- Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

- Internet Explorer 7.01 or later version