Download the air treatment equipment configurator software

air treatment equipment configurator software

At SMC International Training, we want to offer you the tools that can be useful in different training environments.


We have a software with which you will configure air treatment equipment. Different industries have very diverse demands in terms of air quality and air distribution. This software will allow you to choose the products you need to have the exact air quality you want: no more and no less. It includes: filters, regulators, lubricators, air dryers, pressure switches, air-line valves, check valves, etc .


Click in the following link to download this software:

- Air treatment equipment configurator software (.zip)


How to proceed: Unzip the downloaded file and install the software on your computer running the "cdstart.exe" file.


System Requirements:

- Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7- 32 bits/64 bits

- Internet Explorer 7.01 or later versions

- Net Framework 2.0

- Adobe Acrobat Reader