How does the artificial vision technology work?

The artificial vision allows a system to take a series of decisions automatically based on some acquired data and their analysis. The artificial vision system captures a range of pictures, analyze them and depending on the results, it will send different orders to the complete process.


This technology has become industrially an essential tool in the field of automation. These systems can perform different functions such as detection of surface defects, non-contact measurements with micron accuracy, assembly checks, etc.



The FMS-210 in the FMS-200 family, is the station for quality control using artificial vision. This is one of the solutions proposed by SMC International Training for being skilled in this technology. This station makes the inspection of different variables of the product in process through an artificial vision system in order to make the quality control.


Using this technology for quality control operations is a commonly used in various industrial sector such as the automotive industry, food industry or pharmaceutical industry.