5 reasons why you should choose HYDROMODEL-200 didactic equipment


In the world of education and technical training, high-quality equipment is essential to ensure effective learning. That's why we're introducing the HYDROMODEL-200 a didactic equipment that will revolutionise your classroom. Here are five reasons why this equipment is the best choice for your training centre:


1.- Transparent methacrylate body: The HYDROMODEL-200 is designed with a transparent methacrylate body, which allows you to see inside and understand how each component works. This feature facilitates visual and practical teaching, helping students to better understand hydraulic concepts.


2.- Industrial parts inside the methacrylate: Inside the transparent body of the HYDROMODEL-200, you will find high quality industrial parts that guarantee the durability of the equipment and provide students with a realistic learning experience with components that they will find in the working world.


3.- 0-drip oiltight connections: Oiltight connections ensure that there are no leaks, minimising risks and maintaining a clean and safe working environment.


4.- Configuration flexibility: The HYDROMODEL-200 offers three standard compositions and the possibility of creating customised compositions. This makes it adaptable to all types of customer requirements and needs.


5.- Biposition work panel: This equipment includes a biposition work panel that is compatible with both the PNEUTRAINER-400 and the HYDROMODEL-200. This versatility maximises the use of the equipment, facilitating the integration of different training modules and optimising the space and resources in the classroom.


With this teaching equipment, you will be providing your students with an advanced learning tool that will enhance their skills and knowledge in hydraulics.

Choose HYDROMODEL-200 for your training centre!