5 reasons to choose PNEUTRAINER-400


Are you looking for a pneumatic / electro-pneumatic trainer that perfectly suits your industrial learning needs? PNEUTRAINER-400 is the perfect choice, and here's why!


1. Industrial components from the sector leader: PNEUTRAINER-400 exclusively utilizes top-quality industrial materials. All components are developed and manufactured by SMC, the global leader in automation. Widely used in the industry, these components meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, each component includes a label with its corresponding reference and standardized symbology, simplifying the learning and practical application process for students.


2. Manuals with real industry practices: This trainer offers a manual covering 76 activities. Within these activities, users will find 365 practical exercises designed to provide a practical and applied learning experience. Additionally, the manual includes 231 theoretical questions to help students grasp the conceptual fundamentals of pneumatic / electro-pneumatic systems. With an estimated training time of 120 hours, this manual provides a comprehensive and detailed approach to acquiring skills in this crucial technology of industrial automation.


3. Modular and flexible: With a wide range of components available, PNEUTRAINER-400 allows you to select the specific elements needed to create customized compositions that suit your learning requirements. This modularity provides the freedom to build unique configurations tailored to your exact needs. Furthermore, the panel allows you to place components anywhere, adjusting them to the desired height for an ergonomic and fully adapted learning experience.


4. Wide range of available components: PNEUTRAINER-400 offers an extensive selection of components to meet all your pneumatic / electro-pneumatic learning needs and create your customized compositions. Additionally, each standard composition comes equipped with everything needed, from cables to accessories such as fittings and tube cutters, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless learning experience. With PNEUTRAINER-400, you have access to all the essential components to master pneumatic / electro-pneumatic systems in a practical and complete educational environment.


5. Versatility of mounting panels: Need more flexibility? PNEUTRAINER-400 offers different mounting panel options, including the ability to work on double-sided panels. Additionally, these panels are compatible with the transparent hydraulic trainer HYDROMODEL-200, allowing you to explore and compare different industrial automation systems in an integrated educational environment.


In summary, PNEUTRAINER-400 not only provides comprehensive and quality training in pneumatic / electro-pneumatic systems but also offers the versatility and practicality that students and industry professionals need. Invest in your future with PNEUTRAINER-400 today!