Educational Technology at the Forefront: 5 Reasons to choose the FMS-200 System Special Edition - Industry 4.0



The training equipment, FMS-200 special edition - Industry 4.0, is the advanced mechatronics learning system for INDUSTRY 4.0. At the forefront of the industrial revolution, the FMS-200 SE I4.0 is the system of choice thanks to its five distinctive features.


  • 1. Robustness: Guaranteed to last forever
  • The mechatronic system stands out for its unrivalled robustness, providing not only efficiency in the present, but also a guarantee of eternal life.
  • 2. Digitisation of management through state-of-the-art software
  • In the digital era, the key to success resides in efficient management. This system integrates state-of-the-art software for complete management digitalisation. From the control and management of the system, to the storage and monitoring of all the data related to the process.
  • 3. Transport System with Intelligent Identification
  • The innovation is manifested through a conveyor system equipped with the Industry 4.0 technology "identification systems". Each transfer section includes an RFID antenna that improves safety and traceability throughout the production cycle.
  • 4. Modularity and ergonomics
  • The modular nature of this flexible automation cell allows variants to be introduced to adapt to different needs. Moreover, its dimensions allow up to 3 people to work simultaneously, guaranteeing ergonomics at all times. With the ability to extract the frame, efficiency and safety merge to optimise productivity.
  • 5. Mechatronics and applied technologies in the reality of Industry 4.0
  • The essence of this system resides in its seamless integration of sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness and advanced Industry 4.0 technologies, ensuring that the latest trends and technological advances are reflected in education.

In short, choosing the FMS-200 special edition system with Industry 4.0 technologies represents not only an advanced technological decision, but an investment in long-term sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. Visit our website or contact us for more information!