Process control, why train in this technology?

IPC-200Process control technology is widely recognised and used in industry. It is a set of techniques and systems used to monitor, control and optimise industrial processes in real time. Its main objective is to maintain process variables within predefined ranges to achieve safe, consistent and efficient results.


In essence, process control technology seeks to maintain balance and stability in a dynamic system by continuously adjusting the inputs and outputs of the process to keep the defined variables at the desired values. This requires continuous feedback, where real-time measurements of variables are compared with reference values and corrective action is taken to maintain the process in an optimal state.


Process control systems consist of components such as:


  • Sensors, to measure variables.


  • Controllers, to make decisions based on the information received.


  • Actuators, to adjust process conditions according to the controller's instructions.


Why is process control technology important and beneficial to industry? Some key features of this technology are:


  • Automation: Process control systems can operate automatically, adjusting process variables without constant human intervention.


  • Accuracy and speed: Process control technology can respond quickly to changes in the process and adjust conditions to keep variables within desired limits with high accuracy.


  • Security: Helps ensure the safe operation of industrial processes by preventing hazardous or unsafe conditions.


  • Efficiency: By keeping process variables within optimal ranges, greater operational efficiency is achieved, and costs are reduced.


  • Adaptability: Process control systems can adapt to different situations and variations in process conditions.


Process control technology is applied in a wide range of industries, such as food, automotive, energy, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and many others, where its use is crucial to maintain stable and safe operations and to achieve consistent, high-quality production.


Aware of the benefits and widespread use of this technology in industry, SMC International Training believes that the training of current and future process control technicians is essential.


IPC-200 - Process controlThe IPC-200 system is ideal for the development of all industrial process control skills. It is a fully modular and flexible system that emulates a liquid production and bottling plant. The IPC-200 is constructed entirely from industrial materials so that the student is familiar with the elements they will encounter in their working lives.


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