Industry 5.0, the human-centred industry

What is Industry 5.0? Does it replace Industry 4.0? Is it an evolution of Industry 4.0? These are questions we are all asking ourselves.


The European Commission believes it is important to underline that Industry 5.0 should not be seen as a chronological continuation or an alternative to the existing Industry 4.0 paradigm. The technologies that industry uses in its processes will continue to be Industry 4.0 technologies. What changes is the approach. Industry 5.0 puts people and planet first.


Industry 5.0 seeks to use technology not only to improve processes and increase company profits, but also to improve workers' conditions. It is about putting technology at the service of people, rather than at the service of business.


At SMC International Training, we believe it is important to take this concept into account when designing our training systems. That is why our latest training system, the M&I-400, not only incorporates the latest Industry 4.0 technologies to provide centres with the tools they need to train the workers of the future and to train them with equipment that reflects industrial reality, but also incorporates concepts that put the human being at the centre from the outset.


One of the most important concepts in the conception and design of this equipment was ergonomics. A clear example of this is the ability to change the position of the HMI screens according to the user's needs. On the other hand, alarms and systems have been incorporated to draw the user's attention and facilitate the resolution of actions that require human intervention, as they show the status of the system and each of its stations in a very visual way. Last but not least, the system includes technologies that facilitate and improve the operator's work, such as collaborative robotics and the Pick to Light system.


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