Pick to light (PTL) technology integrated in M&I-400 system

The advantages of pick-to-light technology make it an essential tool for overcoming the challenges and demands of Industry 4.0 and entering the new Industry 5.0 concept.


This technology is a simple but robust method that visually guides operators. This digital system allows for efficient guidance, as the operator does not need to search, thus improving productivity and reducing errors.


Our innovative M&I-400 system, the didactic equipment for developing skills in Mechatronics and Industry 4.0 technologies, incorporates this technology. The M&I-407 assisted manual interaction station allows the correction and recovery of the defective product by means of manual interaction, assisted by "Pick to Light" technology. With the use of numerical and luminous indicators, it guides the user in the correction and location of the components. The system makes the corresponding inventory updates of the component warehouse in real time.


Discover this technology implemented in the M&I-400 system in the following video!