New autoSIM-200 video tutorials

Video tutorials autoSIM-200

The autoSIM-200 simulation software not only allows to design circuits, but also enables to test your circuits and programs in a virtual environment before controlling the real operating part. The product offers optional 2D simulations, 3D simulations and digital models.


AutoSim-200 is a simulation software that many users already use to DESIGN, SIMULATE, PROGRAM, MONITOR AND CONTROL.


Visit the FAQ section of the autoSIM-200 product page on our website and see the corresponding information about common actions such as the followings:After collecting some of the most frequent queries made by users about autoSIM-200, we have developed some video tutorials that show, step by step, how to carry out common actions such as installing an autoSIM-200 licence or importing a CAD file from solidworks into autoSIM-200.


  • - How to install autoSIM-200 and autoSIM-200 ADVANCED


  • - How to transfer a licence from one computer to another


  • - How to generate a pdf of a circuit of autoSIM-200


  • - How to import a 3D file into autoSIM-200


Remember, there are also recorded seminars available to help you learn how to use the software and learn more advanced features.