Discover the new HAS-200 Special Edition – Industry 4.0

Leaflet - HAS-200 Special Edition – Industry 4.0

At SMC International Training, we work hard to develop didactic equipment with innovative technologies for learning the most in demand skills for the professional sector. With this goal in mind, we introduce the HAS-200 Special Edition – Industry 4.0 with more technologies 4.0, designed to develop the most demanded competences in highly automated environments of Industry 4.0.


This customized system HAS-200 will allow developing skills involved in different automation technologies and Industry 4.0 such us:


- High level Control technology PLC.

- Advanced electro-pneumatic systems.

- Collaborative robotics.

- Industrial safety systems.

- Advanced sensorics and identification systems (QR codes, RFID, BCR technology).

- Manufacturing execution system through MES software (stock management, maintenance management, alarm summary, overall equipment efficiency and other functions.).

- SCADA systems for 3D simulation and HMI.

- Servocontrolled actuators and step motors.

- Industrial communications.

- Augmented reality and artificial vision.


Use our HAS-200 SE I4.0 leaflet to discover the available configuration available configurations, system benefits, as well as all the different technologies incorporated. Configure the equipment to best suit your needs and work with the reality of a smart factory.


Leaflet– HAS-200 Special Edition with more Industry 4.0 technologies