AutoSIM-200 now also with 1 year licences


We are glad to offer you 1 year licences for our simulation software autoSIM-200.With the new 1-year licences, SMC International Training extents the offer for remote training range.


This new licence fits the needs of any training centre because allows the user to test their circuits and programs on a virtual environment before controlling the real operative part.


Among its advantages what can be highlighted is the intuitive and complete library where you can choose the technology you want to work with: hydraulics, pneumatics, electro-pneumatics and electricity. Moreover, with the “program” option you will be able to create the program in different programming languages: Grafcet, Ladder, Flow chart and function blocks (through structured text).


Download autoSIM-200 and try it out for 40 days* and complete it with our:


          -       3D applications: to simulate, control and supervise actual automated processes from a virtual environment.

          -       2D applications: to design pneumatic, hydraulic or electric circuits.

          -       Digital models: To program from the PLC programming environment


Download the leaflet and discover the whole simulation range available as an optional for autoSIM-200.


Please, remember: SMC International Training recommends keeping autoSIM-200 and autoSIM-200 ADVANCED software updated. 


*Note: The 40-day demo cannot be installed if you have previously had another license installed that has already expired.