autoSIM-200, the simulation software in automatization technology

autoSIM-200 webinars (1.2.3)

Do you know that you can design pneumatic, electropneumatic, hydraulic, electrohydraulic, electrical and electronic circuits with autoSIM-200?. Apart from designing, autoSIM-200 let you simulating, programming, monitoring and controlling. 


autoSIM-200 is the software for training in automation technologies that allows the user to try his/her programs on the virtual system before applying them to a physical system. Discover all the options offered by the autoSIM-200 simulation software.


Download autoSIM-200 and try it out for 40 days*. You will be able to learn how to use it with the help of our recorded seminars**.





*Note: The 40-day demo can not be installed if you have previously had another license installed that has already expired.