Free access to the e-learning course " Introduction to electric motors"

In cursoSMC107_Introductiontoelectricmotorsorder to keep providing digital learning resources in the field of Industrial Automation to all of our users, in this occasion, SMC International Training offers free access to the course eLEARNING-200 “SMC-107- Introduction to electric motors”.


This course studies the operating principles for basic electrical machines such as direct current and alternate current motors, both single phase and three phase. Click here for more information about this course.


In order to get the instructions and the user and password to get access to the course, please, follow the instructions below:


  • 1.- To complete this process, the user must be registered. Please, click on Login and enter your email and password if you already have one. If not, please create a new user clicking on Register.



  •  3.- Click on “Register new product” (it is necessary to be registered)


  •  4.- Enter the following code in “Code” box: 273009796475872


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