Which steps do I follow to configure the training system in mechatronics that I need?

Product configurator FMS-200How do I configure a FMS-200 system? Which steps should I take? What stations do I have to include? These questions may arise when configuring the FMS-200 system that best suits your needs.


FMS-200 is a flexible integrated assembling system. Its modular feature enables the introduction of variations in its stations so that they adapt to the requirements of each user. From a simple configuration of one station only (working fully autonomously) to a complex configuration with eight or ten stations, the possibilities are endless.

It is important to remark that all the components in the FMS-200 are used in industry, so that the user can work with real elements at all times making the learning process more meaningful.


Through the Product Configurator of our website, in just three steps, any user can make the FMS-200 configuration that best suits their needs: choose the desired PLC brand, the transport type (linear or modular) and the required stations.

In each step, you will have additional information that will allow you to clarify your doubts and choose the optimal option. For example, the difference between the modular and linear transfer or the considerations added when selecting the stations to perform a functional configuration. Do not forget that at the end of your configuration you will be able to download the specifications and technical descriptions of the configured product.


For more information about this system and in order to know the technologies it includes, visit the FMS-200 page.