Would you like to develop skills in process control technology?

IPC-201CThe main objective of any industrial process is to obtain a final product with certain characteristics that meet the specifications and quality levels required by the company. The fulfilment of these characteristics will be possible thanks to the control of the processes. The system need to correct the deviations that can appear in the variables of the process with respect to certain values.


IPC-200 is the training equipment offered by SMC International Training to develop skills in industrial process control. An equipment that emulates a liquid production and bottling plant and includes the technologies used in continuous process industry.


The first station, the version oriented to the regulation and control of analogue variables, IPC-201C, is the module in charge of preparing a mixture of fluids in certain conditions of temperature, level, pressure and flow. It incorporates the necessary devices that allow regulating the mentioned variables in real time (analogue).


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