New challenges, new ideas: Industrial Router integration project on IPC-200


Teachers from all over the world who use our training equipment, find that they are able to make their lessons even more relevant, by customizing projects with it. This time we want to show you the one created by CIF Ciudad de Béjar (Salamanca, España) on the Industrial Process Control IPC-200 system.


To allow the remote access of the students to the PLCs within the IPS-200 system, an industrial router from ‘Ewon’ has been integrated. In this way, all students at the centre are able to code and have access to the information stored in the PLCs, in a safe way, and, directly from their homes.There are many advantages to this particular integration, such as the possibility to locate HTML pages directly in the router, working with the SCADA function, the alarm generation system, the assured safe access…


Consequently, a “Remote Process Supervision” project has been developed. This allows students from two different centres, hundreds of kilometres from each other, to be able to code the different stations of the IPC-200 system.


Finally, we would like congratulate CIFP Ciudad de Béjar for those interesting projects!