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A unit converter that can be useful

How many PSIS are a 1 MPa? And how many bars? And how many calories are 1J? In order to convert all types of units at any time, here you have a link to a page of unit conversion that can help you.
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Do you know the autoSIM-200 software?

autoSIM-200 is a software for training in automation technologies that allows the user to try his / her programs on a virtual system before applying them to a physical system.
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Do you need pneumatic symbols?

We would like to give you this download link. There you will find an extensive library of pneumatic symbology in dxf format.
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Have you ever thought about studying in Spain?

Here you have a link which you may find interesting if you're considering studying in Spain. In it you will find information that will help you preparing your trip (accommodation, how to finance your studies ...) or universities and courses that you can study.
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