FMS-200 - Flexible integrated assembly systems

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 FMS-209 - Paint drying


The paint drying phase is simulated using a polycarbonate oven. The workpiece is inserted into the oven which uses a bulb to simulate the paint drying process. Once this has finished, the product leaves the oven to go on to the next phase of the process. The system allows the user to modify the temperature value and the transit time of the assembly through the oven dependant on the requirements of the workpiece.

FMS-209 - Paint drying in oven


FMS-209 Paint drying station with Mitsubishi PLC SAI0181 SAI0171
FMS-209 Paint drying station with Siemens PLC SAI0177 SAI0173
FMS-209 Paint drying station with Allen Bradley PLC SAI0182 SAI0174
FMS-209 Paint drying station with Omron PLC SAI0176 SAI0172
FMS-209 Paint drying station with Schneider PLC SAI0183 SAI0180
FMS-209 Paint drying station without PLC SAI0179 SAI0175



Modules Sensors (type & quantity) Input / Output

Insertion/extraction handling device
Electric shafts

Auto switch, Reed type (x7)
Vacuum pressure switch(x1)
PT100 temperature probe(x1)
Security magnetic (x1)

Digital 23/24

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Vacuum pad(x4)-Vacuum ejector(x1)
Servo-controller (x2)
Potentiometer (dimmer) (x1)
PID temperature controller (x1)
Safety relay (x1)
Driver programming software and cable (x1)
Security lock (x1)

Pneumatic linear (x4)
Pneumatic rotary actuator (x1)
Servo-controlled linear actuator with brake (x2)
90º track AC motor with analogue control (x1)

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