FMS-200 - Flexible integrated assembly systems

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 FMS-208 - Automatic warehouse


This phase of the assembly process consists of the storage of finished products.


In FMS-200, the warehouse has been set up using a system based on three coordinate shafts, two of them servo-controlled (X-Y axis) and a third vertical pneumatic shaft (Z axis) for collection / deposit of the material.


There is an optional version that includes a colour touch screen operator terminal.

FMS-208 - Automatic warehouse


FMS-208 Storage station with Mitsubishi PLC SAI0835 SAI0800
FMS-208 Storage station with Siemens PLC SAI0863 SAI0813
FMS-208 Storage station with Allen Bradley PLC SAI0833 SAI0820
FMS-208 Storage station with Omron PLC SAI0849 SAI0824
FMS-208 Storage station with Schneider PLC SAI0851 SAI0823
FMS-208 Storage station without PLC SAI0850 SAI0822



Modules Sensors (type & quantity) Input / Output

Vertical shaft
Positioning axes

Auto switch, Reed type(x2)
Digital vacuum pressure switch(x1)
Security magnetic (x1)

Digital 16/15

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Vacuum pad(x4)-Vacuum ejector(x1)
Servo-controller (x2)
Driver programming software and cable (x1)
Safety relay (x1)
Security lock (x1)

Pneumatic linear (x1)
Servo-controlled linear actuators (x2)

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