FMS-200 - Flexible integrated assembly systems

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 FMS-207 - Robotized screwing


The seventh FMS-200 station integrates robotics technology which is widely used in automated environments.


An industrial robot is used to screw in the four bolts supplied by the previous station. The robot has a tool attached with a pneumatic gripper and an electric screwdriver and the station table includes material stores (with capacity for 6 lids and 6 shafts). In addition to the screwing operation, the robot can also be used for assembly and dismantling operations, plus exchanging material between stores.


These applications support an extensive range of possible programs for the robot controller which significantly extends its didactic capacities.


*Check available robot options.

FMS-207 - Robotized screwing


FMS-207 Robotized screwing with Mitsubishi PLC SAI0762 SAI0700
FMS-207 Robotized screwing with Siemens PLC SAI0763 SAI0716
FMS-207 Robotized screwing with Allen BradleyPLC SAI0733 SAI0720
FMS-207 Robotized screwing with Omron PLC SAI0760 SAI0724
FMS-207 Robotized screwing with Schneider PLC SAI0764 SAI0723
FMS-207 Robotized screwing without PLC SAI0761 SAI0722



Modules Sensors (type & quantity) Input / Output

Shaft and lid stores
Robot tools
Robot arm and controller components

Auto switch, Reed type(x1)
Security magnetic (x1)

Digital 12/12

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Robot controlling unit (x1)
Safety relay (x1)
Robot programming console (x1)
Security lock (x1)

Electric screwing tool (x1)
Pneumatic gripper (x1)
6 axis robot (x1)

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