FMS-200 - Flexible integrated assembly systems

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 FMS-206 - Screws supply


The sixth station supplies and inserts four screws in the base of the workpiece. Given that feeding is only carried out at only one point, an additional mechanism has been included in the transfer system to carry out successive rotations of the pallet. This element is comprised of a lifting cylinder and rotary actuator.


The troubleshooting simulation system is included, which generates up to 16 different breakdowns to be diagnosed by the user.

FMS-206 - Screws supply


FMS-206 Screws supply with Mitsubishi PLC SAI0635 SAI0600
FMS-206 Screws supply with Siemens PLC SAI0637 SAI0616
FMS-206 Screws supply with Allen Bradley PLC SAI0633 SAI0620
FMS-206 Screws supply with OmronPLC SAI0638 SAI0624
FMS-206 Screws supply with Schneider PLC SAI0639 SAI0623
FMS-206 Screws supply without PLC SAI0650 SAI0622



Modules Sensors (type & quantity) Input / Output

Screw feeding
Screw insertion handling device

Auto switch, Reed type (x6)
Fibre optic photocell (x1)
Solid state auto switch (x2)

Digital 13/9

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Breakdown simulation system (x1)
Three-colour indication light (x1)

Pneumatic linear (x5)
Pneumatic gripper (x1)

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