FMS-200 - Flexible integrated assembly systems

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 FMS-203 - Hydraulic press


This phase of the process presses the bearing inserted in the previous station by a hydraulic ram. Press fitting is simulated to facilitate the subsequent disassembly of the components and their re-use. Nevertheless, all the elements comprising the module are completely industrial.


The lower part of the station contains all of the hydraulic equipment which is required to feed the press cylinder with high pressure oil.


The troubleshooting simulation system is included, which generates up to 16 different breakdowns to be diagnosed by the user.

FMS-203 - Hydraulic press


FMS-203 Hydraulic press with Mitsubishi PLC SAI0335 SAI0300
FMS-203 Hydraulic press with Siemens PLC SAI0363 SAI0314
FMS-203 Hydraulic press with Allen Bradley PLC SAI0333 SAI0320
FMS-203 Hydraulic press with Omron PLC SAI0364 SAI0324
FMS-203 Hydraulic press with Schneider PLC SAI0365 SAI0323
FMS-203 Hydraulic press without PLC SAI0370 SAI0322



Modules Sensors (type & quantity) Input / Output

Insertion / extraction of the workpiece
Press feeding
Bearing pressing

Auto switch, Reed type(x11)
Vacuum pressure switch(x1)
Security magnetic (x1)

Digital 16/10

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Vacuum pad (x4) - Vacuum ejector (x1)
Breakdown simulation system (x1)
Safety relay (x1)
Hydraulic equipment (x1)
Frequency converter (x1)

Pneumatic rotary actuator (x1)
Pneumatic linear (x3)
Hydraulic linear (x1)

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