FAS-200 Special Edition - Industry 4.0FAS-200 Special Edition - Mechatronics for Industry 4.0

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FAS-200 special edition with Industry 4.0 technologies  


FAS-200 – Options

Training equipment in mechatronics with Industry 4.0 technologies.

Develop the skills most in demand for 4.0 technologies and be prepared for the new challenges presented by Industry 4.0.


The FAS-200 SE I4.0 system offers professional training according to the industrial reality, simulating a real assembly process and including different technologies from Industry 4.0. This system consists of an automated flexible assembly cell with five different stages:  

  1. Assembly
  2. Handling
  3. Quality inspection
  4. Transfer
  5. Warehouse and shipment


FAS-200 SE I4.0 has been designed as compact equipment for the development of the skills most in demand in Industry 4.0 technologies affecting mechatronics and robotics.


This special edition of the FAS-200 comes in two configurations, where the central cap transfer station can include either pneumatic technology or collaborative robotic technology.



 CONFIGURATIONS Siemens 1200 Siemens 1500 Omron Allen Bradley
FAS-200 SE I4.0 - Pneumatic configuration SAI4429 SAI4431 SAI4433 SAI4435
FAS-200 SE I4.0 - Cobot configuration SAI4430 SAI4432 SAI434 SAI4436



The FAS-200 is comprised of 3 stations and a linear transfer, each of which carries out a part of the process.


• FAS-209 SE I4.0: Special Edition Cap Sorting Station Industry 4.0 This station feeds and inspects the caps to be assembled on the product in process. There are 6 types of caps, depending on the material, colour and height.


• FAS-210 SE I4.0: Special Edition Industry 4.0 Cap rejection / transfer station The central station rejects the caps or inserts them into the assembly depending on whether it is the desired type of cap for the current product. There are 2 versions: one where the transfer of caps is electro-pneumatic (pneumatic configuration) and another where the transfer is done by a collaborative robot (cobot configuration).


• FAS-216 SE I4.0: Special edition Industry 4.0 storage and shipment station This station carries out the storage or shipment of the final product according to what has been previously set. It also includes the HMI screen that integrates the system management application.


• SE I4.0 linear transfer The linear transfer transports the pallet between the stations and connects them. It also integrates the RFID read/write systems for product traceability and the artificial vision system that allows verifying that the final product corresponds to the expected one.


The FAS-200 SE I4.0 system includes the troubleshooting simulation system TROUB-200 in the FAS-209 SE I4.0 and FAS-210 SE I4.0 stations in the pneumatic version, which allows up to 16 malfunctions to be diagnosed by the user.


All components used in this equipment are industrial, thereby ensuring quality, durability and robustness.





FAS-200 SE I4.0 has a series of optional extras. >> (See Options)