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FMS-200 Special edition - Advanced mechatronics training system in Industry 4.0

In addition to these TECHNOLOGIES

Technology -  Electrical panel Technology - Pneumatics Technology - Vacuum Technology - Electric motors
Technology -  Sensors Technology -  Manipulators Technology -  Hydraulics Technology -  Automated systems

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Industry 4.0 Technology - Smart devices Industry 4.0 Technology - Distributed I/O Industry 4.0 Technology - HMI Industry 4.0 Technology - Augmented reality Industry 4.0 Technology - Electric actuators Industry 4.0 Technology - Ethernet communications Industry 4.0 Technology - Industrial controllers
  Industry 4.0 Technology - Collaborative robot Industry 4.0 Technology - FMesS4.0 Management system Industry 4.0 Technology - Energy efficiency Industry 4.0 Technology - Safety Industry 4.0 Technology - Identification systems Industry 4.0 Technology - Artificial vision  
FMS-200 special edition with Industry 4.0 technologies  


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The training equipment, FMS-200 special edition - Industry 4.0, is the advanced mechatronics learning system for INDUSTRY 4.0.


In addition to the technologies implemented in this system's standard version, the special version includes extra technologies enabling users to expand their knowledge of Industry 4.0 technologies, as well as to be trained on advanced mechatronics.


The modular features of this flexible automation cell enables the introduction of variations in its stations so that they adapt to the different requirements of companies and training centers. From a simple configuration of one station only (working fully autonomously) to a complex configuration with eight stations, the possibilities are endless.


All the components in  the FMS-200 Special Edition - Industry 4.0 are used in industry, so that the user works with real elements at all times making the learning process more meaningful.

The system enables integrating robotic technology, where it is possible to choose between incorporating a collaborative, or standard, industrial robot. In addition, FMS-200 Special Edition - Industry 4.0 includes the breakdown simulation system which generates up to 16 different breakdowns to be diagnosed by the user.


The FMS-200 Industry 4.0 special edition system is an open platform for developing the user's own projects. The control panel is completely modular and can be rapidly disassembled so the user can design and integrate a new control.


The different process stations assemble a turning mechanism. To provide the system with greater flexibility, stations adapt to a wide variety of assemblies, introducing variations in the materials, colours and part sizes. The combination of all these possibilities means that a total of 98 different assemblies can be obtained enabling the use of production management strategies.


All the stations include: >> (more)

  • - Ethernet communications technologies, pneumatics, electrical panels, industrial controllers*, SCADA/HMI, identification systems (RFID), electric motors, distributed I/O, FMeS4.0 management software - technologies.
  • - Machine safety functions implemented.
  • - 1000 mm / 40” modular transfer in each station.


*Options: PLC Siemens, Omron and Allen Bradley.


Each station of FMS-200 special edition carries out one part of the process.


• FMS-201 SE I4.0: Body supply


In this station, the base which acts as the support to the assembled product is fed. >> (more)


• FMS-202 SE I4.0: Bearing selection/ supply


in this station, the bearing is assembled in the base housing. Bearings with different heights can be selected. >> (more)


• FMS-203 SE I4.0: Hydraulic press


This phase of the press fits bearing inserted in the previous station using a hydraulic ram. >> (more)


• FMS-204 SE I4.0: Shaft selection/ supply


The shaft is inserted into the product. There are two types of shafts manufactured from different materials: aluminium and nylon. >> (more)


• FMS-205 SE I4.0: Cover selection/ supply


This station inserts a lid on the set of parts. There are 6 different types of lids: depending on material, colour and height. >> (more)


• FMS-206 SE I4.0: Screws supply


This station inserts four screws in the base of the workpiece. >> (more)


• FMS-207 SE I4.0: Robotized Assembly, Screwing and disturbation


The seventh FMS-200 station integrates robotics technology. This station offers choosing between including a collaborative, or standard, industrial robot. The robot screws in the four screws inserted in the product by the previous station. In addition, shaft and lid assembly exchange operations can be carried out. >> (more)


• FMS-208 SE I4.0: Inspection, storage and dispatch station


This station conducts a quality inspection of the finished product, in addition to storing and/or dispatching it. >> (more


• The transfer system: Modular transfer


Each of the stations includes an individual transfer section. Each of these sections includes the RFID antenna, thus integrating Industry 4.0's identification system technology.

Multiple combinations of layouts can be developed, with the option of joining stations at 90º or 180º (section in curve, straight section). >> (more)


   FMeS4.0 management software


FMeS4.0 is the web-based, multi-user management software for the FMS-200 SE I4.0 teaching system. This software allows the user to control and manage the system, by storing and monitoring all the process-related data. >> (more)


  With this system you could...


FMS-200 SE I4.0 comes up with different practical activities targeting skills in the technologies featuring in the table. >> (more)


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Find out more about the theory behind the technologies developed in FMS-200 SE I4.0 with our eLEARNING-200 courses. >> (more)




FMS-200 SE I4.0 has a series of optional extras. >> (see options)