SIF-400 - The training system for Industry 4.0

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 SIF-400 - Teaching material


 SIF-400 - Material pedagogico - Estación  SIF-400 - Material pedagogico - Tecnologia  SIF-400 - Material pedagogico - Software y Sistema


The teaching material is structured in three packs:



 • Station: This includes information on the function and operation of each station within the SIF-400 system as well as the technical details.


 • Technology: This includes information, along with practical examples and integration activities that can be developed for each relevant technology.


 • Software and system: This includes information on how to install and operate the software. In addition, it includes case scenarios and challenges in which several stations are connected to each other or work together with the SIFMES-400 software.


SIF-400 - Teaching material - Station

SIF-400 - Teaching material - Technology

SIF-400 - Teaching material - Software & System

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