HAS-200 - Highly automated system

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 HAS-212 - Recycling station


HAS-212 completes the production process by recycling the primary material to be used again.


This station classifies the primary material mixed in different containers by colour. The mixed “pearls” are put into the container by vibration and a turning movement. It then sends them one by one on to a conveyor belt and then, using chromatic sensors and blowing, they are separated by colours into hoppers.

HAS-212 - Recycling station


SAI5980 HAS-212 Recycling station with Allen-Bradley PLC / ETHERNET
SAI5979 HAS-212 Recycling station with Siemens PLC / ETHERNET
SAI5978 HAS-212 Recycling station with Omron PLC / ETHERNET



Modules Other devices (quantity)

Vibrating feeder
Sorting conveyor belt
Conveyor belt

Blower using a valve (x3)
Vibrating feeder (x1)
Motor starter relay (x1)
Pressure regulator (x1)

Sensors (type & quantity) Input / Output

Digital fibre colour sensor (x3)

 Digital 8/8 

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