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 Ed-MES - Educational Manufacturing Execution System


EdMES is modular software that reproduces real situations and the most relevant functions associated with the “Manufacturing execution / management system”. All the modules have an ONLINE mode (control over the machine) and a TEACHING mode which allows the user to study concepts associated with a specific module.


SAI5063 EdMES: Educational manufacturing execution system


HAS-200 - EdMES: Educational manufacturing execution system

Functions Assignment

Order & Dispatcher

Sends out the work orders and programming for all orders in the system.

Material Movement

Necessary to introduce the user to the plant lay-out.

Data Collector

Responsible for compiling all the information generated and/or required by the system.

Inventory Tracking & WIP

Necessary to carry out traceability for the products produced.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

It is used to check the quality of both process and product.

Maintenance Management

Function for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance.

Alarm Summary

Single viewer for all warnings, notifications and errors in the production system.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

This function analyses the system's efficiency.

Data Base Tool

The Ed-MES system includes the motor and the database viewer and integrates all the production data through a relational database.


In addition, Ed-MES includes Agents (Buffer agent, Raw material agent and Maintenance agent) that, tied in with its teaching aims, are functions that generate problems in parts of the system.


HAS-200 – Product configurator 

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