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Worldwide leading experts in pneumatics


SMC Corporation is world leader in producing and supplying automation and pneumatic components, with over 60 years experience, working in over 80 countries. 

30% of world market share. One of the 100 most innovative companies by Forbes. ISO 14001


SMC International Training LogoThe educational division of SMC Corporation


Taking INDUSTRY‘s needs as their benchmark, our products target universities, vocational training centres and technical training centres, plus major companies who provide their own training internally.



ISO 9001 


>> What do we offer?


>> We offer training equipment & services for Mechatronics, Industrial automation & Industry 4.0 enabling the acquisition of skills in automation technologies.


Software/elearning Technology trainers Process control Mechatronics
 Software / eLEARNING  Technology trainers  Process control  Mechatronics
Industry 4.0 Remote access Certification  
Industry 4.0 Remote access Certification  



>> Which are some of our most remarkable identity marks? 


We design and manufacture FROM, FOR and WITH INDUSTRY.  We work every day to offer FLEXIBILITY in our products that allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers.