HAS-200 - Highly automated systemHAS-200 - Educational system that reproduces a production process with a high level of automation which helps to develop the professional capacities required in diverse sectors. Reach the top of the automation pyramid.

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The HAS-200 system reproduces a production process with a high level of automation which helps to develop the professional capacities required in diverse sectors (automotive, semiconductors, food, pharmaceutical, etc.).

Aspects such as aesthetics, user motivation and the development of transversal skills (such as teamwork etc.) have also been taken into account in the conception and design process.

At university level, the HAS-200 system represents a powerful development platform for research projects.





HAS-200 allows the user to manufacture 19 different products. The raw material includes containers with four types of label (red, blue, yellow and multi-coloured). Each label has a bar code to identify the product throughout the process.

Varying quantities of “beads” are poured into these containers, enabling the combination of 19 different “recipes”. Once the requested quantity has been filled, the containers are covered with a lid and a label is added that includes the manufacturing date, etc. The product is then sent to the dispatch station or warehouses.

Within the process, both the material weight and height is measured. These two variables are analysed by Statistical Process Control (SPC) for decision-making and will be stored in the database for generation of logs, etc.


Each of the HAS-200 system stations carries out part of the process.


• HAS-201: Multi-coloured container feeding


This station supplies the system with empty containers to be filled with multicoloured beads in the production stations. >> (more)



• HAS-202, HAS-203 and HAS-204: Production


The production stations perform the feeding, filling and weighing of the blue (HAS-202), yellow (HAS-203) and red (HAS-204) containers, respectively. This also enables filling the multi-coloured containers coming from station HAS-201.>> (more)


• HAS-205 and HAS-206: Checking


These two stations have to measure the height of the raw material contained in the containers. The HAS-205 station uses a linear encoder for measuring, whilst the HAS-206 station takes the measurement using a linear potentiometer.  >> (more)



• HAS-207: Lid positioning


In this station the lid is positioned on the container and a label is printed with the manufacturing date and/or other information in order to identify the final product. >> (more)



• HAS-208: Vertical storage


This station makes it possible to store containers, either semi-manufactured or as a finished product. It can hold up to 81 containers. The storage cells are arranged vertically. >> (more)



• HAS-209: Horizontal storage


This station stores containers, either semi-manufactured or as a finished product. It can hold up to 56 containers. The storage cells are arranged horizontally. >> (more)



• HAS-210: Palletizing


This station removes the final product from the process, placing it in two ramps for palletizing and dispatch. >> (more)



• HAS-211: Raw material store


This station allows the storage of raw material: containers, lids and “pearls” in different colours: blue, yellow and red. >> (more)  



• HAS-212: Recycling station


This station classifies the mixed raw material used in HAS-200 according to the colour.  >> (more)



• Control cabinet


This includes the general air supply and electric network, general emergency and switch the Ethernet network. >> (more)


All the stations have the following common elements: Power supply, anodised aluminium structure, control keypad, solenoid valve block, labels for cables, electric connection terminals, speed controllers, three-colour indication light, container passage stoppers, bar code reader, manual air cut-off valve, Ethernet communication, conveyor belt with DC motor, queue detection photocell, control PLC* and user manual and practice manual.


*Opciones: PLC Omron, Allen Bradley o Siemens.



  3Dsupra: 3D supervisor


One of the applications included in the HAS-200 system is the 3D supervisor. Its design takes into account various aspects which make it extremely attractive and useful in a training environment. >> (more)



  Ed-MES  - Educational Manufacturing Execution System


EdMES is modular software that reproduces real situations and the most relevant functions associated with the “Manufacturing execution / management system”. All the modules have an ONLINE mode (control over the machine) and a TEACHING mode which allows the user to study concepts associated with a specific module.>> (more)



  With this system you could...


HAS-200 comes up with different practical activities targeting skills in the technologies featuring in the table (below). >> (See the table)




Find out more about the theory behind the technologies developed in HAS-200 with our eLEARNING-200 courses. >> (See related courses)





HAS -200 has a series of optional extras.. >> (See options)